Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Garden

I had fabulous luck with our last year's *first* winter garden. We had many beautiful red onions, red beets (which produced gorgeous leaves!) sugar snaps peas, variety of cut & grow lettuces which fed us and our neighbors for quite some time! Of course I can't forget the garlic - wow. I went crazy with planting it and we were not to the slightest bit disappointed! It gives us great pleasure to share all the rewards of our garden with others and last years winter & summer garden both did just that. This year the winter garden is doing well but not as plentiful. I could blame the weather - we've had lots of rain & frost this year but won't. Things seem to be growing at a slow speed and not as full as I'd like. This year we have red onion, garlic, green & red leaf lettuce and sugar snap peas & beets and our two new guests being spinach & 2 varieties of swiss chard. I also planted arugula (which I love) and carrots but I'm not putting my money on them for performance as they were a last minute throw the seed in the garden kind of thing. I've read carrots are very easy to grow - eventually we'll see if my timing and planting method worked :)


Roman said...

Way to go! turning your disaster into something wonderful! Congrats on your success! There's something about gardening and sharing your rewards that just seems right. I know how you feel about your carrots, i did that with my eggplants.. I was only able to pick one before the frost came.
I am looking forward to reading more!

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Thanks Roman! Looking forward to this all - I'm really enjoying it so far. I can't wait for the rain to stop here long enough to get back out there. I totally have the garden fever! Have you started your tomatoes by seed yet? Also - where did you find that wooden tool to make paper cups and did the paper cups work well? Thanks ahead!