Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Feburary Garden

It's the beginning of February and I've got tomatoes on the brain. What kind? How many? Better yet..what can I possibly do to make my garden more productive than last summer?? It was our most productive garden yet in our 3 short years of gardening and unfortunately I did not write any notes down. I can remember the names of *almost* all the tomatoes we grew thankfully & those unforgettable ones will for sure be invited back. This year we are going to try new things and hope to push the bar a little higher. Composting being one of them & starting tomatoes from seed, harvesting/saving seeds and jarring tomatoes. Of course squash, cucumbers, peppers and anything else I can get in to our raised beds will find a home here too. I am going to try to document as I go taking notes and uploading pictures. Feel free to comment, question or share your fabulous tips with me! We are learning as we plant & eat and we love it!

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Katie said...

What a great incentive for me to get going in my garden. Have you looked into horseradish? I think it is time to plant. I understand it can be quite invasive so I am thinking a large pot.
Happy gardening...