Friday, February 24, 2012

Onions, Garlic and Potatoes

A few weeks ago I transplanted all the garlic over to the onion bed - easy job but very time consuming. I must remember not to the plant garlic where I plan to plant our summer veggies! Spring planting always seems so far out to me when I plant the garlic and I'm not known for patience. I love the look of the greens coming through the straw. I also love the fact that one bed is completely planted.
 Yesterday I planted about 8 rows of lettuce and 2 rows of arugula. A must have on Colin's homemade pizza - yum! Today I plan to finish planting the leeks and more onions and this weekend the composter will be converted to a potato growing bin. We have a stackable composter which allows us to achieve what they did in this great tutorial here.  We will be growing both red and white potatoes this year.