Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome Summer

The cosmos in Maggie's garden are quite charming right now and the nasturtiums have happily found it's place in our yard once again. The mint is relentless as always, popping up everywhere and there's a rumor that we will be drinking some yummy mojitos this summer. The squash is rambling about in Sam's bed and volunteer tomatillos are popping up everywhere! The tomato plants are on the small, leggy side but that's not all that surprising considering the low temperatures and record rain we've had this month. We do however have blooms and fruit and of course lots of hope for plenty of bruchetta. I started off the morning today contacting Farmer Fred , our local Master Gardener via Facebook (how great is that?) inquiring about planting tomatoes this late. Hopefully I can get at least one more in the ground. Other than that, I am planning on pulling out some climbing roses that aren't doing so well and replacing them with something else. Something bright! I am thinking about the black eyed Susan vine but heard they are frost sensitive. I plan to pop in the garden center today and see if I can find them. I have only seen them available in seeds.