Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Cucumbers Of 2010

The kids were pretty excited to pick their first cucumbers of the year this evening from the trellis I created between their garden beds. The top cucumber is from Sam's garden bed and although he refuses to try cucumbers I'm hoping he'll give this one a try and love them from here on out.  Maggie picked about 5 of these little cute little cucumbers (bottom) off her side of the trellis. We plan to cut them in to spears and pickle them tomorrow. I'm hoping to find a easy dill pickle recipe. I think I'm going to give refrigerator pickling a try (they'll be gone in no time anyhow) Still waiting for a miracle to happen with the tomato plants - they're not as showy and full of tomatoes as they were this time last year. Leggy is the best word for them here. The zinnias & cosmos are blooming and the pumpkin plants are spilling out of the beds everywhere and are a delight to see! Already we are thinking about what/when to plant for fall.



Excellent. Fall is on its way but I don't have any room right now. Perhaps by the end of August the tomatoes will be finished along with the squash and melons. I believe carrots are in my future.

MrBrownThumb said...

congrats on the harvest. Everything in your garden looks so nice and lush. And again, I love visiting your garden for that pic in the sidebar. My cosmos are not kicking as much arse as your cosmos seem to be doing.