Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our First Potatoes

We harvested our first potatoes yesterday. We planted the seeds in early Feb and didn't know what to expect. Amelia was born in March and needless to say, the potatoes fell victim to neglect. Not a good thing with container gardening. The plants never bloomed and actually withered away altogether. Yesterday we dumped the container expecting to see nothing and we found a handful of potatoes from each container. It was pretty exciting! We are definitely going to grow them again and I imagine with more attention and care, we will have even more to harvest.


Beth harris said...

We just harvested our potatoes that Sarah gave us. Molly had so much fun digging through the dirt. We where surprised to find so many potatoes!!! Molly is now busy cleaning them. We enough potatoes for quit a few meals. I guess we are having BBQ steak and potatoes tonight.

Beth harris

And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Beth, I loved the pictures! Thank you for sharing. Also - congrats on your first egg!