Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We love garlic and it's been one of the easiest and most rewarding things to grow. We initially had a hard time finding garlic at our local garden stores so I thought about planting garlic purchased from the supermarket but after some research found out that often growth inhibitors are used to stop garlic from sprouting and can be made from hormones or chemicals. I ended up buying our garlic from the local farmers market selecting the largest bulbs. I've read that if you plant large cloves they tend produce large garlic bulbs and so far this seems to be true. We tend to plant our garlic in the fall (Oct) and harvest now through July. When the greens turn brown and yellow I know it's pretty much harvest time.You can also dig around it and feel the size of the bulb to check before you pull it out.  I'm thinking about planting more cloves now to see if they will grow. How wonderful it would be to have this year round from our backyard! 

 Garlic Three Ways (Thanks Hungry Mouse!)

  1. Roasted garlic
  2. Garlic-infused oil
  3. Roasted garlic compound butter

From And Sow My Garden Grows

From And Sow My Garden Grows



Chop up garlic.
Chop up parsley.
Add olive oil.
Use this on all kinds of stuff...
raw on crackers or bread
brushed on grilled meats
Use your imagination.

Love this stuff.

Mr Brown Thumb said...

I wish I had planted some because I like it too.

btw, Earlier this spring I planted a bunch of cosmos seeds after seeing the pic in the sidebar. I hope my planting looks half as spectacular as yours.